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Tech Bulk Co., Limited

Tech Bulk Co., Limited is a company focusing on developing and producing green products to make this world a great place to live.


It all started when we realised that the world climate is changing very fast due to global warming, ice at the south and north pole has been decreasing, species are being threatened by global warming. That's why we need to start protecting our world by supplying our customers with green products made of green sources and with pollution free methods.

And everythng starts by ourselves. By developing and supplying the world with our LCD writing tablet, we help everybody saving papers. Up to 9,000 sheets of A4 papers are saved by each of our writing tablets during their 2 year battery lives. This means 3 20 year old trees are saved every 2 years. More will be saved if you replace the battery with new ones.

Here are Tech Bulk Co., Limited. We have a strong team to source, develop and produce the green products that this world needs. And we will keep on doing this for years to come.

Stay tuned!



Tech Bulk Co., Limited is a team made up of professional personels in each field.


We set out to do everything with the greatest perfection. We keep our promises.

On time

Punctuation is very important in this fast moving world. And we're always on time.


Being responsive means we are always there ready to answer your questions and doubts.



We've partnered with a lot of companies, organizations and engterprises with the same belief. Here are some of them.

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