9 Inch Premium LCD Writing Tablet

9 Inch Premium LCD Writing Tablet


We understand that a lot of LCD writing tablets would not be working properly in extremely cold weather. Take Russia for example, most LCD drawing tablets are not working there. However, with our latest technology, you won't be facing this embarrassing situation anymore. This premium LCD writing tablet works perfectly in extremely cold weather while bringing you a better and premium writing experience.

With a rechargeable lithium battery, you'll find this writing board lasting longer.

  • Why you need this in your home and workspace

    • It's a great reusable writing pad for you to take notes while on the phone.
    • it's a great pad for you to write down your to-do list and put it in your purse so that you don't forget it.
    • It's a great idea illustration pad for you when you're in a meeting.

    We offer one year warranty for everything we sell. During the warranty period, free spare parts and free repairment are provided if there is any quality issues.


    For orders of less than 100pcs, we will ship them within 2 business days. And for orders of above 100pcs and less than 1,000pcs, we will ship them within one week. Please allow us 5 more days if you require OEM services.

  • Why we are better?

    • Our LCD writing tablet can take any power inserted on it whereas most of others can only take up to 300g of power.
    • It takes only one click to erase everything with out LCD writing board, but it takes two or more clicks for other pads to erase everything.
    • We use the best low-energy-consumption chips that saves energy and make the battery last longer and make the performance better. Note: when battery is low, some of our competitors' boards requires more than 2 clicks to erase everything. But ours takes only one click under any battery condition.
    • We have more options. Thin, bold, multi-color, partial erase.
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  • Vision Protected

    Kindly note that children's vision is protected when they use our LCD writing tablets, thanks to the special LCD screens we use.