Wholesale LCD Writing Tablet for Writing & Drawing


Learn drawing and doodling

Our LCD Writing Pad helps children learn drawing and doodling easily.


Learn writing

Our LCD Writing Tablets enable children to learn writing in a better and easier way.


Take notes.

You can takes notes while in a meeting, or write down your purchasing list and to-do list and put it on the fridge or bring it anywhere with you.


Vision protected

Unlike the common screens, our lcd writing tablets protects your vision by giving the appropriate amount of light only.






Why LCD Drawing tablet?

LCD drawing tablet is one of the best doodling, note-taking, drawing tool for children and for everybody who wants a reminder but don't want to waste papers. It's a tool that you can put in your handbag and bring it anywhere to write, to draw and doodle anything. Currently, it's widely used in education as a drawing tool, enterprises as note taking at meetings and homes as sticky notes on refrigirators and purchasing lists.

Why LCD Drawing tablets from Tech Bulk are better?

There are several reasons for this.

  • We develop and produce everything according to the most strict quality standards.

  • We have a strong R&D team that is capable of inventing great things and adopting new technologies.

  • We followed up and analyzed all amazon's reviews and optimized our products accordingly.

  • Our writing pad can take an unlimited amount of power, whereas our competitors limit that to about 300g.

  • All writing pads come with one-click-to-erase functions, but only our LCD writing tablets keep that promise, all others fail. 

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